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"Due to technological achievement and legislative overhaul, we are witnessing a reconstitution of our financial system. With great change comes great opportunity. My goal is to help modern businesses, investors and financial service providers capitalize on this incredible transformation." -Dara Albright


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Dara Albright Media

About Dara Albright

Dara Albright is one of the earliest pioneers of the crowdfinance movement and has been a predominant resource for industry education and connections. Since the inception of the industry, she has been helping countless broker-dealers, investment bankers, financial advisors, entrepreneurs and investors of all sizes capitalize on this financial revolution.

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About Dara Albright Media

We are in the early stages of a worldwide financial revolution which was ignited by technological progression and an intensifying demand for fairer financial systems. This uprising has sparked the FinTech ingenuity and legislative reform that continues to galvanize the crowdfinance movement.

As it snowballs, it is awakening the sleeping masses and empowering even more FinTech innovation. It is rapidly changing how we invest, raise funds, borrow, lend, pay for goods and services and save for retirement. It is reinventing currency, democratizing the flow of capital and giving rise to an entirely new generation of tech-centric financial leaders. This reconstitution of our financial system is creating opportunities for investors of all sizes, businesses in all stages of development and financial services providers of all echelons.

Dara Albright Media is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the financial ecosystem capitalize on this incredible transformation through fresh ideas, bleeding edge strategies, gainful relationships and a dose of inspiration.

National Press Club

Dara recently spoke at CrowdfundBeat’s Third Annual Crowdfunding USA Conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. In case you missed it, this is the video illustrating the catalysts that birthed crowdfinance and - more importantly - the catalyst that will enable it to scale. A MUST-VIEW for any platform or traditional intermediary looking to expand its distribution and increase AUM.

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Sometimes all it takes a touch of inspiration to formulate a new idea, complete an undertaking or even get you through a challenging day. Inspiration is everywhere! It can lurk within a verse of a song, a sentence of an article or even within an impromptu conversation.

When I need a fresh dose, I can usually attain it from a stoic: one who transforms fear into prudence, pain into transformation, mistakes into initiation, and desire into undertaking. Here’s an inspirational read about a stoic – it also happens to hold the story behind my twitter handle: @tothestoics

Read "To The Stoics"

Groundbreaking New White Paper Illustrating the Magnitude of Tax-deferred Micro Alternative Investing

This white paper addresses the legislative changes being promulgated during the most prolific era for FinTech, and how, in confluence, these two dynamics have begun galvanizing retail investors – leading to seismic shifts in capital markets’ demographics and America’s retirement system.


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